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Introducing a New Feature to Capture Billable Time


Increase Revenue by Automatically Capturing Time

TimeSolv offers WorkTRAKR to convert communication activities into billable time entries. Users capture on average 3.5 hours in cell phone calls alone for additional billing each month or almost $10,000 per year in potential revenue!

WorkTRAKR was designed exclusively for Law Firms, but is ideal for almost any business because it tracks all time spent on emails and applications on PCs, phone calls on web-enabled cell phones and office phones.


  • Capturing and billing previously lost time
  • Daily and on-demand reporting of all captured billable activities including cell phone or land line calls, e-mails or time spent on applications
  • Dramatically reducing administrative costs by automatically transferring client communications events to TimeSolv for billing

Many firms find that the combination of Proximiti services increases hourly billing, and saves money on administrative costs. WorkTRAKR offers a 30-day free trial service.

Intelligent Integration to Capture Billable Time Spent On

  • Web-enabled cell phones
  • VOIP Office phones
  • Outlook email communication
  • Desktop applications such as Word, PowerPoint, etc

How it Works

WorkTRAKR reports automatically capture communications events to increase billable time and seamlessly integrates with TimeSolv. The application collects communications event records from web-enabled cell phones, Outlook email, Windows applications and desktop phone calls to create a personal communications log. Based upon prior assignments, this new application is intuitive enough to automatically append contact information and can also include client and subject matter data with each record. It can differentiate personal vs. business events and any record can be deleted at any time.

More Information

  • Installation is easy and there is no equipment to buy or service to change
  • Supports diverse needs of businesses today– billable time, personal vs. business, employee productivity, etc
  • Proven administrative savings in bill processing
  • Provides detailed billing information to your clients
  • Eliminates the need to enter account codes. The software can automatically link clients and cases to particular phone numbers and email addresses
  • Plans start at $29.99 per month per user
  • Sign up for WorkTRAKR at
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